Rubinho Cohen , born in Guarulhos / SP, is a photographer , biologist and musician.

Person of simple habits , self-taught , lover of life and the things that come from it.

Its main line when shooting , interfere minimally in the scene , shooting just as it is happening ,record what is ready and / or happening at that moment .

Watch the world , revealing the poetry of things, people, flowers and stones with light and shadow , looking with one eye . Watch , observe, give it time … Wait …

Therefore, prefer shooting very well accompanied him, their machines and their lenses … That , alone , in silence,connected with free and without interference in the bush in life, in the world.

His main wish is that your photo can touch people in some way , the beauty , souvenir, lightness , poetry, documentary essence or complaint.

Shoots mainly nature and landscapes, but also is the aim , the people and their lives ,their places … Does not replace a good chat with local people and animals, and follows well , making friends and photographs .

Rubinho Cohen , is keen to be very close to those who admire his work and want to hear your stories , you can talk to him directly by email or phone , schedule a coffee and a chat with him!

  • Telefone: +55 11 97539.7054
  • Whatsapp: +55 11 94784.7878
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